Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Obama's Next Steps on Energy and Climate -
In his acceptance speech after winning the election late last night, President Obama articulated many of the goals he’ll pursue in a second term, including a rare and welcome reference to the risks posed by global warming  [Hey Andy: Where's your evidence that an atmosphere with 500ppm CO2 is more risky than an atmosphere with 350ppm CO2?]
Global Warming: From Campaign Pass to Passing Mention - Businessweek
...OK, not very specific or forceful. With Republicans still firmly in control of the House of Representatives and debate on the climate polarized by ideological passion that often borders on hysteria, the chances that the U.S. will take bold action on this front remain slim.
End of Era: Sen. Inhofe's leadership of the GOP on Environment & Public Works Committee expires -- 'GOP caucus limits its members to 6 years as chairman and 6 as ranking member' | Climate Depot
Climate Depot's Morano praises Sen. Inhofe: 'He singlehandedly reframed the entire political debate about the science of global warming and about the political cost of cap and trade'
Energy, Security, and Climate » Two Paths Forward on Climate Change
really big steps will eventually require collaboration that extends far across party lines – and putting together coalitions in this vein will inevitably require some support for U.S. oil and gas.

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