Monday, November 19, 2012

One Hundred Years Ago This Week | Real Science
Climate experts like Bill McKitten tell us that October hurricanes and storm surges never used to happen before the SUV was invented, because the ocean was too cold.

Apparently they used to wait until late November.
Sea Level Rise Less Than 0.7 mm/Year – And Falling | Real Science
The average sea level rise rate for all 157 NOAA tide gauges active this century, is just below 0.7 mm/year.
Twitter / JeffDSachs: President wants new climate ...

President wants new climate conversation. Let's start. It's reckless to rule out a carbon tax as White House just did.

Twitter / ClimateReality: RT @jeannettekaplun: Climate ...
RT : Climate change affects national security. Here's the video with my interview with ...

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