Saturday, November 17, 2012

Oregon Democrat Wyden: Carbon tax not likely
WASHINGTON — Congress probably won’t impose a carbon tax on fossil fuel consumption as a way of raising revenue to shrink the deficit, Sen. Ron Wyden said Thursday.

“Whether you are for a carbon tax or against it, you’d have to say this is going to be a big lift politically," the Oregon Democrat said during a panel discussion on America’s energy future.
Alaska: Record lows
Ketchikan's neighboring city, Craig located on Prince of Wales Island, set several record lows during the month of October. On the 27th Craig recorded a low of 28 degrees breaking the previous record low of 32 degrees set in 2004. On the 29th, Craig set a new record low temperature of 25 degrees, breaking the previous record low of 28 degrees set in 1991. The on October 30th, Craig again set a new record low temperature of 24 degrees breaking the old record low of 28 degrees set in 1950. On the 31st, Craig another new record was set when a low of 23 degrees was recorded breaking the old record of 28 degrees set in 2003.

Statewide, some of these records had stood for considerable amounts of time, as in the case on the 22nd in Ketchikan where the previous record had been in place since 1919.

Ketchikan reported an average temperature in October of 43.0°F which was 2.3°F below the long-term average of 45.3°F.
If you’re 27 or younger, you’ve [allegedly] never experienced a colder-than-average month | Grist

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