Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pensioners account for almost 20,000 cold weather deaths last winter | UK News
AROUND 20,000 pensioners died last year due to cold weather related illness.
Over 80% of cold weather related deaths were among people over the age of 75, with 24,000 deaths in total linked to the cold snap.

There were more deaths amongst women than men
Global warming still stalled since 1998, WMO Doha figures show • The Register
Dr Peter Stott of the Met Office, head of Climate Monitoring and Attribution, had this to say while announcing the 2012-so-far-number:

"We are investigating why the temperature rise at the surface has slowed in recent years, including how ocean heat content changes and the effects of aerosols from atmospheric pollution may have influenced global climate."
NGOs demand Doha cancellation of carbon credit surplus - 29 Nov 2012 - News from BusinessGreen
Estimates put the glut of Assigned Amount Unit (AAU) credits countries use to meet their carbon goals at more than 13 billion, equivalent to 13 gigatonnes (Gt) of CO2, primarily caused by a drop in production during the global economic slowdown.
Carbon tax key to enjoying Canadian seasons
the carbon tax might be just what we need to combat climate change and ensure future generations can experience the fun of all the Canadian seasons.

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