Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Psychologist/gerontologist Bernard Starr weighs in: Calls climate realism "the suicide bombing of science"; "The consequence of doing little or nothing could be "good-by, humans, welcome, cockroaches.""

Bernard Starr: No Planet, No Jobs: The Suicide Bombing of Science
The consequence of doing little or nothing could be "good-by, humans, welcome, cockroaches." This catastrophic possibility, supported by massive scientific evidence and an overwhelming consensus of scientists, mandates that naysayers have a greater responsibility to prove their stance----facts, studies, and data to make a powerful case. They must drop the rhetoric and get to work.

It makes little sense to talk about the best ways to create jobs without giving at least equal attention to the best ways to save the planet. On the political front, we must hope that pandering to the populace and vested interests will recede now that the election is over. But will President Obama, along with legislators of both parties, have the courage to aggressively counter the suicide bombing of science?
Bernard Starr
Bernard Starr, Ph.D., psychologist/gerontologist, was formerly professor of developmental and educational psychology and director of a graduate program in gerontology at the City University of New York, Brooklyn College.

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