Friday, November 09, 2012

Raving warmist Dean Baker compares allegedly CO2-induced bad weather with Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor

Climate change, not the national debt, is the legacy we should care about | Dean Baker | Comment is free |
Imagine if in response to Japan attacking Pearl Harbor in December of 1941, our political leaders had debated the best way to deal with the deficits from war spending projected for 1960. This is pretty much the way in which Washington works these days.
...What we do or don't do in the next decade will have a huge impact on the climate conditions that our children and grandchildren experience.
...In reality, the campaigners are spewing utter nonsense when they imply that the well-being of future generations will be in any way determined by the size of the government debt that we pass on to them. We hand down to future generations a whole society and a planet that will be damaged to varying degrees, depending on our current actions.

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