Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Retreat of Iconic Glacier expected to Stop in 2020 - Climate Change - AccuWeather.com
it is really sad. There is virtually no chance of the Columbia Glacier recovering its pre-retreat dimensions on human time-scales
What an incredible bummer. Does this mean that Chicago may not be covered with a mile of ice again any time soon?

Kevin Grandia: Will Harper Embarrass Canada at Doha?
when it comes to gas guzzling and shopping extravaganzas, we are just as bad as our friends down South.

We might be only about 10 per cent the population of the United States, but per capita (as in each one of us) we leave a carbon footprint roughly the same size.

We are even worse than America when it comes to how we are seen at international climate negotiations.
Politically speaking, Harper has never seen a reason to be strong on climate change policy. A year after completely embarrassing Canada at the Copenhagen climate summit, Harper went on to win a majority of the seats in the Canadian Parliament.  [Isn't that a mandate for Canada to continue to refuse to cooperate with UN climate swindlers?]
Kevin Grandia
He is formerly the Director of Online Strategy at Greenpeace USA and has been writing on climate change and other pressing social issues for more than seven years. For five years he was the managing editor of DeSmogBlog.com that in 2011 was named one of the top 25 blogs in the world by Time Magazine. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, he now lives in Washington, DC.
U.N. Global Warming Summit: Heading Over the Climate Cliff | TIME.com
The [carbon dioxide] crisis is as real as the fiscal one—perhaps even more so. But we seem set on ignoring it, even as we go headfirst over the cliff.

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