Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Risk of catastrophic climate change increases as ‘emissions gap’ widens - Telegraph
Despite efforts over the last decade to try and reduce emissions, concentrations of warming gases like carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are up 20 per cent since 2000.  [So why hasn't warmed since then?]
The New Nostradamus of the North: The European Environment Agency joins the other scaremongers ahead of the Doha climate jamboree
What Jol actually meant, was that that human related climate change/global warming has not contributed to the frequency and intensity of "extreme events". However, in order to safeguard his job, Jol did what warmists usually do when facts contradict their message: talk about all the terrible things to come in some distant future ...
U.S. To 'Become Largest Global Oil Producer' By 2020, 'Net Oil Exporter' By 2030 - If We Let It | CNS News
In a striking blow for the environmental left, the International Energy Agency has released a report detailing how the United States is on track to outpace Saudi Arabia in oil production.

This surely puts the Obama administration in a bind concerning its green energy monomania that has dominated their energy policy for the past four years. This finding shows that the United States can be energy independent, and we have the resources to do so. However, the boot of government is trying to centralize and control those resources to expand their dependency agenda. It's hard to oppose someone who has his finger on the power switch.

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