Monday, November 19, 2012

"Science"Daily: Call to modernize antiquated climate negotiations
The researchers found that attendance has changed in terms of the number and diversity of representatives. The number of delegates went from 757 representing 170 countries at the first COP in 1995 to 10,591 individuals from 194 countries attending COP15 in 2009 -- a 1400 per cent increase. At COP15 there were also 13,500 delegates from 937 non-government Observer organisations.  [So why don't these "scientists" tell us what happened to attendance after the peak in 2009?]

Small developing countries have down-sized their delegations while G-7 and +5 countries (Brazil, China, India, Mexico, and South Africa) have increased theirs. The exception is the United States, which after withdrawing from the Kyoto Protocol started to send fewer delegates to COPs.

The study also looked at the make-up of the delegations and found an increase in participation by environmental, campaigning, academic and other non-Governmental organisations.
Carbon tax is being floated, but no one’s biting—yet - Conservative News, Views & Books
As Morgan sees it, “If carbon tax advocates manage to trick conservatives into biting, they will get a liberal policy victory and force conservatives to share the blame for its economically devastating consequences.” Carbon tax advocates are scouring the conservative ranks for possible takers.
The Reference Frame: World Bank abuses AGW lies to grow its bureaucracy
Now, with the special server dedicated to "climate change", a topic that these bankers have absolutely no credentials to talk about, it couldn't be more transparent that the World Bank just cherry-picks the most alarmist, most indefensible would-be scientists such as Herr Schellnhuber in order to impress politicians and other powerful people of the world and to attract hundreds of billions of dollars – a part of which would be used to generously feed the parasites who have no scruples and who call themselves officials of the World Bank. They don't even try to pretend that they have tried to evaluate the climate issue impartially. There hasn't been any contest to choose the most competent scientists to produce the report, not even a fake contest. They just picked Schellnhuber because he's been the most vocal defender of the global climate Nazism, including some of its most strikingly inhuman policies.

Mr Kim, why don't you do the only thing that would be honest, namely to stop all the lies, admit that your organization is increasingly useless and parasitic, and to help to controllably dismantle it?
- Bishop Hill blog - Orlowski - why 28gate matters
esides the furore over bungled BBC journalism, 28 Gate - the Beeb's refusal to name the "scientific experts" who convinced the broadcaster to take a firmly warmist position when reporting climate change - is far more profoundly serious than the BBC and its critics yet realise.

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