Sunday, November 11, 2012

Shock in Australia: After millions of dollars in public money was blown on an insane bad-weather-preventing project, "the whole project could crash...It doesn't appear that there's any tangible benefit for the environment..."

Carbon Sunk - Landline - ABC
PIP COURTNEY, PRESENTER: A controversial plan to turn a central Australian cattle station into an arid zone carbon farm has hit a snag.

It was launched with great fanfare a little over a year ago by Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke and RM Williams Agricultural Holdings.

But now the management team at Henbury Station near Alice Springs has quit the project and neighbouring pastoralists are asking why the Commonwealth sank nearly $10 million into such an unproven scheme.
But 18 months on results are scant and there's now rising speculation that the whole project could crash.
ROY CHISHOLM, NAPPERBY STATION, NT: It doesn't appear that there's any tangible benefit for the environment at the moment, unless there's something that hasn't come to light.

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