Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Snowstorms sweep N. China - Video
Another cold front is sweeping across the country’s northern areas, bringing heavy snow and blizzards.
Russian Scientist — New Little Ice Age Near
Forecasting a temperature drop in approximately 2014
The New Nostradamus of the North: Joke of the year: All-electric Tesla S named "Car of the Year"
Motor Trend magazine has chosen a car, which uses a more than a hundred years old failed technology as its "Car of the Year"
Twitter / BarryJWoods: Did you notice when bbc decided ...
Did you notice when bbc decided science settled, met office, hadley centre NOT present @aDissentient @th3Derek @omnologos @clim8resistance
UPDATE 1-EU Commission wants 900 mln permits withheld to boost CO2 market | Reuters
The market has lost its effectiveness because of a glut of allowances unused in the regional economic slowdown.
Twitter / aDissentient: I wonder if the BBC would have ...
I wonder if the BBC would have been better asking the public who they wanted to hear from on climate change.

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