Thursday, November 29, 2012

Stefan Rahmstorf’s Sea Level Amnesia – Using His Own Numbers, Sea Level Rise Actually Slowed Down 3%!
If we take Rahmstorf’s 1993 – 2006 period value of 3.3 mm/year, then we see that sea level rise has actually slowed down by 3%, and not risen 60%. The tricks being used by alarmist climate scientists are becoming ever more obvious and desperate.
Missed By Six Orders Of Magnitude | Real Science
The Pakistani official who claimed that Greenland melted in four days, missed by a factor of one million.
Typical for government work.
Projection In The Alarmist Community | Real Science
Climate alarmists are constantly referring to the vast right-wing Koch brothers funded conspiracy of criminal climate deniers. Consider Peter Gleick – liar, fraudster, thief and head of the AGU ethics committee.

They assume that because many of them are well funded liars and thieves, that everyone else is. The idea that the skeptic community is driven by volunteer whistleblowers is completely beyond their comprehension, because they don’t have an ounce of integrity to compare against.
Moscow Heatwave Continues | Real Science
For a few weeks in 2010, Moscow was the global warming canary in the coal mine. For some reason they don’t talk about Moscow any more.

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