Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The East Coast braces for winter storm Athena | Grist
Up to six inches of snowfall combined with winds gusting over 35 mph at times across portions of Eastern Pennsylvania and interior New Jersey, which is still undergoing extensive recovery efforts from Sandy. There is the outside chance of snowfall totals approaching the 10-inch range if precipitation changes over to snowfall earlier.
Twitter / crampell: MT @michaelroston still votes ...
MT still votes to count, but looks like nearly 10m fewer people voted for Obama in '12 than in '08
Obama's reelection and its future impact on energy and climate change - Boston environmental policy |
Even though renewable energy still has not reached a point where it could provide a negligible amount of the nation's energy needs, Obama and his administration are determined to bankrupt the fossil-fuel industry even as China continues to build two new coal-fired plants a week.

With a divided Congress, Obama has no chance of having the U.S. sign a binding treaty with other countries to reduce carbon emissions, which is the cornerstone of the global-warming greenhouse gas theory. And Republicans have already indicated they will do nothing to jeopardize the fragile economy and will focus only on job growth and deficit reduction.
Twitter / Ben_Geman: Enviros had good night, but ...
Enviros had good night, but also worth noting that Dems Tester (who won) and Heitkamp (who likely did) ran pro-Keystone pipeline campaigns

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