Saturday, November 17, 2012

The loneliness of a young climate hoax believer: Friends don't want to hear about it; and this believer herself was "too embarrassed to tell some of her close friends" that she dressed up as a clown and laid on the ground to protest CO2-induced bad weather

Young Islington environmentalist heads out to UN climate summit
“When I talk about my climate change campaign with my friends,” she says, “they tend to switch off – and I end up having to change the subject.”
People and Planet campaigns have included a “lie-in” outside a central branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland in protest against the bank’s funding of fossil fuel extraction. Dozens of protesters – including Sophia – dressed up as clowns.

However, she admits she was too embarrassed to tell some of her close friends: “It can be quite alienating when you have a passion your friends don’t share.”

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Robert Austin said...

Dressed up as clowns. How appropriate.