Saturday, November 24, 2012

The New Nostradamus of the North: The UN annual mega beach party about to begin in Doha: Citizens urged to stay away from waterfront promenade
A visit to the the local "Ascot", the Al-Shahaniya camel racing stadium, is also expected to be a hit among the delegates:
During the winter racing season, locals gather regularly to watch the camels as they hurtle along the purpose-built stadium at speeds of up to 40kmph. Drive out to Al Shahaniya, about 60km west of the city, to visit the stables and watch the camels train, or join the locals on race day as they drive alongside the track, cheering on the camels, which are ridden by radio-controlled robot jockeys.
Wave Of Global Warming Forecast To Sweep Across Europe – Warm Arctic Air To Freeze Northern Hemisphere
So using the latest and most sophisticated model results coming from the renown German climate institutes, we see that 1% of the Arctic indeed overwhelms and drives the remaining 99% of the northern hemisphere.

But wouldn’t the 99% of the northern hemisphere drive the 1% Arctic?


Of course not. The sophisticated models tell us it’s the other way around. Just like 0.04% trace gas CO2 now dominates 99.96% of the atmosphere, 1% of the Earth’s surface domineers the remaining 99%. That’s how nature works today, the Nobel Peace Prize winning climate scientists say. They’re experts and who are we to doubt them? Besides, the media believe it, and so you should too.

Just believe the climatologists.
Electoral math for ‘all you climate people’ | Grist
the problem for “all you climate people” in breaking through the coal industry’s framing is that many of you actually do support a war on coal, or at least your rhetoric suggests you do.

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