Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Reference Frame: BBC's 30 "experts" who decided in 2006 that balance on AGW wasn't needed
I would like to invite the TRF readers to some simple research – and find out some fair description of all the "experts" in the list and something about their scientific credentials and impartiality. To me, the list looks like a collection of NGO activists, lobbyists, and representatives financially motivated green industry groups...building on similar lists of "experts" when decisions about trillions of dollars are being made is rather extraordinary, isn't it?
If The Temperature Refuses To Rise, Just Cheat | Real Science
Cool the past, warm the present
Tell the public that the weather used to be better in the past
Tell the public that giving up their freedom and money will make the weather better
Steal as much money as you can from the public, and tell them it is for their own good
Educate a generation of mindless complicit drones

This message was conceived of and approved by the US government.
NE China Snowstorms May Be Worst in 50 Years
Heavy snowstorms in northeast China have caused major disruptions in what some say is the worst snowstorm to hit the area in 50 years.
Worldwide snow cover WAY above average
“As of now, current snow and ice cover remains impressive,” says Caroline in West Virginia. “It is already WAY above average.”

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