Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Triumph (and Challenge) of Climate Math - Andrew Winston - Harvard Business Review
$2.2 trillion: The size of the "climate [hoax] economy" by 2020 according to the bank HSBC
A statement from the BBC – at last » Harmless Sky
The accusation is that the BBC has made a false claim that editorial policy on climate change was informed, and presumably underpinned, by a ‘seminar with the best scientific experts’ when it is now clear from Maurizio Morabito’s research (omnologos blog) that nothing could be much further from the truth. They are also being accused in the blogosphere, and now in the MSM too, of expending a lot of time and money on trying to cover up this fact.
Twitter / ToryAardvark: "Climate change is factor in ...
"Climate change is factor in Israeli-Palestinian conflict." says Priceless
Twitter / CFigueres: Looking forward to participating ...
Looking forward to participating today in 24 HRS #Reality @ClimateReality @algore
The whole truth about Superstorm Sandy and climate change - Capital Weather Gang - The Washington Post
The historical record shows numerous examples of the Northeast being hit by hurricanes. In the 1950s- a flurry of strong storms afflicted the region.
We will lead on climate change  - NY Daily News
[NY Governor Andrew Cuomo] Extreme weather is the new normal.

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Bruce Hall said...

"Extreme weather is the new normal."

No, short memories are the new normal.