Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Think tank to sue Treasury to make carbon tax proposal emails public | WashingtonExaminer.com
A conservative Washington think tank will file suit Tuesday seeking to force Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to make public more than 7,300 internal emails circulated in recent months among senior executives in his department about a carbon tax proposal officials say taxpayers don't need to know about.
Everyone agrees with us on climate change—especially when we’re wrong | Ars Technica
everyone overestimates the self-labelled "skeptic" population  [Do they?  What percentage of the world's people consistently behave as if trying to prevent CO2-induced bad weather is more important than their own personal convenience?]
BBC's latest excuse: forget Jimmy Savile, blame Nigel Lawson – Telegraph Blogs
[Sir Antony Jay] The issue of man-made global warming could have been designed for the BBC. On the one side are the industrialists, the businessmen, the giant corporations and the bankers (or at least those who are not receiving generous grants, subsidies and contracts from their government for climate-related projects such as wind farms or electric cars), on the other the environmentalists, the opponents of commercial expansion and industrial growth. Guessing which side the BBC will be on is a no-brainer, but no one has documented it in such meticulous detail as Christopher Booker. His case is unanswerable. The costs to Britain of trying to combat global warming are horrifying, and the BBC’s role in promoting the alarmist cause is, quite simply, shameful.
Rep. Rush Holt’s Advice to His Fellow Scientists on Politics | Observations, Scientific American Blog Network
the U.S. needs more failed alternative energy companies like Solyndra, not fewer, Holt argued.

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