Tuesday, November 27, 2012

UN Climate Boss: We Need Global "Revolution" Led by Central Governments Independent Journal Review
The United Nations is a global institution that is seeking control over the world’s natural resources, Internet communications, and conventional arms trade. No centralized institution should be entrusted with such power, let alone one comprised of a majority of corrupt, dictatorial states and left-wing activists calling for some kind of global revolution.
UK Green Energy Investment Collapses | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)
U.K. deliberations on changes to the electricity market designed to spur spending on low-carbon power generation have contributed to a 50% drop in funding for renewables, according to industry researcher Bloomberg New Energy Finance.
COP18 Day 2 The Elephant In The Room Is Shale Gas « Tory Aardvark
are the Green NGOs still smarting from the failed Rio+20 Earth Summit where for the first in decades Greenpeace, WWF, FoE et al found out the hard way that when your boondoggle is no longer politically fashionable, your political influence drops off exponentially.
CAN and other groups are also concerned with their input to the negotiations with interventions from NGO groups during the talks limited to just 30 seconds. Hmaidan since this is just symbolic of a wider problem in Doha.
That will be the continuing loss of political influence by the Green NGOs then.

Then there is the fundmental problem that worries the COP18 delegates does anyone in Qatar actually believe in the religion of Anthropogenic Global Warming?
The Kyoto protocol is not quite dead | Environment | guardian.co.uk
At recent climate change conferences, a coffin has been paraded through the halls of delegates covered in a shroud and attended by mourners. The name on the shroud: Kyoto.
The UN will not calculate the exact emissions reductions produced by the treaty for another two years.
Kyoto is not quite dead, but the certainties that held true when it was forged certainly are.

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