Sunday, November 18, 2012

Unclear on the concept: Major plot point for warmist Barbara Kingsolver's new book involves global warming causing Monarch butterflies to freeze to death

Living on Earth: Flight Behavior
KINGSOLVER: It’s an immense congregation of Monarch butterflies. Normally, these butterflies congregate, aggregate for the winter in the high mountains of central Mexico. In this case, I imagined a circumstance in which their migratory system is so disrupted that they would shift their aggregation to very similar mountains in southern Appalachia. What would happen if this happened is it would be touch and go because this is a much colder winter in southern Appalachia. And most likely what is going to happen in the course of this winter is the whole species is going to freeze to death.
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Starting in April 2005, Kingsolver and her family spent a year making every effort to eat food produced as locally as possible...exceptions were made for staple ingredients which were not available locally, such as coffee and olive oil

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Tucano said...

This fictional catastrophe also ignores the fact that the main migration trigger for the Monarchs is daylength. Given the many changes in climate over the long times in which this behavior evolved those butterflies would have been dissapeared if they waited around till it got cold to migrate. Unless the might CO2 is going to change the orbital and rotational characteristics of the Earth it is safe to assume that a delayed migration is not going to wipe out these beautiful and intriguing butterflies.