Saturday, November 10, 2012

Unclear on the concept: Warmist James Balog takes fossil-fueled trip to Greenland, cries when his cameras malfunction in the extreme cold, worries that he'll freeze to death if his fossil-fueled helicopter has problems

Diary's visual story of climate change - World - NZ Herald News
There is a scene in the documentary Chasing Ice that shows the edge of the massive Ilulissat glacier in Greenland collapsing or "calving" and violently crashing into the sea below. [Glaciers don't calve if CO2 isn't overheating the planet?] The piece of ice that breaks away is compared to the size of lower Manhattan, and appears taller than any building there.
...Balog designed each camera to withstand extreme conditions, including sub-zero temperatures and 240km/h winds, and to snap about 8000 frames a year, some of which have been featured in National Geographic magazine.
...I'm not just there with my head on the camera crying because I'm upset that the camera is malfunctioning. I'm upset because I'm thinking the entire commitment, the entire obligation is going to fail. We're going to put out 12 cameras in Greenland and come back with garbage, so that was terribly stressful and upsetting.
Balog: Probably the worst moment in the entire project ... that scene is in the film, when the helicopter pilot turns to my collaborator, Jason Box, and says "Ah, we're losing oil pressure." ... So you look out the window and you realise, "Well, I hope that other engine just keeps working fine because it's really cold down there and there's icebergs and if we go in that we'll die really, really fast".
Chasing Ice - 2012 Sundance Film Festival - Popular Mechanics
"The tape separated the LCD contact from the circuit board," Orlowski explains. "The tape changed in thickness in the cold conditions, so it worked perfectly fine back home, but when we traveled to the harsh conditions it expanded and shrank and it made the display not work, so we couldn't see what was going on onscreen and we couldn't control the timers."

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