Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Vitter questions Treasury stymying of carbon tax FOIA request | Washington Free Beacon
Horner, author of the recent book The Liberal War on Transparency, called Treasury’s actions a “cartoonishly exaggerated case study” of the barriers the Obama administration “throws in the path of taxpayers when they are on to something.”

“Here, demanding thousands of dollars to photocopy electronic mail, which is routinely copied to a disc for a quarter, and insisting that discussions of a massive new tax about which they’ve said nothing publicly, would not significantly inform the public,” Horner said in a statement to the Free Beacon. “If this is the kind of thing they’re willing to say publicly, I can’t wait to see what they’ve been saying to lobbyists, bundlers, and other special interests. And we will.”
Gov't agencies trying to hide controversial communications? - Fox News
Obama administration's transparency call into question
Winter Makes a Comeback This Black Friday
Frigid winds will be howling and even some snowflakes will be flying as many residents of the northern Plains will be heading out Thursday evening.

The bitter cold will then invade the Midwest on Black Friday, holding temperatures 10 to 20 degrees below Thanksgiving Day's mild highs of the 50s and 60s.
All US Warming Is Due To Adjustments | Real Science
The claimed warming trend in the US almost exactly matches the adjustments being made to the thermometer data.

The blue dots and red line show final USHCN2.5 temperatures (relative to 1895) – and the red dots and blue line show the adjustments that are being made. Note that the slopes are identical, which means that all claimed US warming is indeed Mann made, and Hansen made, and Karl made.

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