Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Warmist Bill McKibben slapped down by Meteorologist Bastardi for touting 'Last 3 years are all in top 5 for # of named Atlantic tropical storms' | Climate Depot
Meteorologist Joe Bastardi rips: 'McKibben makes my point about absurd naming...10-15 storms last 3 yrs would never been named in 50s' -- 'This is huge problem with NHC naming ham sandwiches... in the middle of nowhere. AGW people distort it...These people spout this drivel. Either they are ignorant of facts, or lying'
In the icy north, warming warnings abound
Exhibit A, as reported on Wednesday, is melting permafrost. The Arctic's vast stores of organic material, frozen for tens of thousands of years, was not considered in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's four reports since 1990. It was thought to be melting too slowly, if at all, to have much effect this century. Nor was permafrost melting to be included in the fifth report, due for release next year. Multiple studies have now detected rising levels of carbon dioxide and methane in the permafrost zone. The gases are released by rotting material, the remnants of ancient forests that were locked up in the permafrost.   [Thousands of years after Chicago's permafrost melted, these people are just now remembering that some permafrost somewhere is still melting?]
Environmentalists Push for Downsizing … to 200-Sq. Ft. Homes |
In Jan. 2011, Climate Progress, part of the website Think Progress (funded by left-wing billionaire financier George Soros) posted a blog about tiny living as a way to combat global warming.

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