Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Warmist Jeremy Grantham hearts fracking?
Fracking Development: A Rare Positive

The new technologies of lateral drilling and fracking – bombarding geological structures that have held on tightly to oil and gas – with sand, water, and Lord knows what chemicals, have resulted in a dramatic increase in U.S. oil and gas output. This has been a direct outcome of around-the-clock aggressive trial and error and engineering tricks. This development is owed largely to smaller "independent" oil and gas drillers. They have developed the capability to race in, drill a well in two or three weeks, and race out. It has been a remarkable demonstration of U.S. frontier-type spirit, although it does owe something also to the relative lack of regulation influenced by the recent Halliburton era of government. Still, very impressive indeed.  [Via DB]
Quadrant Online - In for their COP -- Part II
As for “climate vulnerability”, IPCC has defined it as “the degree to which a system is susceptible to, and unable to cope with, adverse effects of climate change, including climate variability and extremes.”

Vague and unquantifiable, open to exploitation, the concept is a carbon conman’s dream come true.
Democrats Lose the Appalachian Working Man - By Henry Payne - Planet Gore - National Review Online
So predictably was West Virginia in the Democratic column once upon a time that in 1988m, the United Mine Workers–controlled Mountain State was one of just nine states to vote for the hapless Michael Dukakis. But in the last four election cycles — since Al Gore’s religion mesmerized his party — West Virginia has become a solid GOP vote for one reason: The Democratic War on Coal.

Think of it: In 2012 Appalachian blue-collars voted in a landslide for a Republican Massachusetts millionaire.
A very strange Warmist
And I think his physiology is wrong too. I grew up in a place (Cairns in tropical Australia) where very hot days -- over 30 degrees Celsius -- were common and where the humidity was also high (being beside the seaside). And funnily enough I am not dead. And Cairns people just go about their business every day as they would in any other city of the developed world.

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