Sunday, November 18, 2012

Warmists James Hansen and Michael Mann sign a letter that calls 2012 "the warmest year in American history" and claims that "Keystone XL is still a crazy idea"

350 | Join us in Washington on November 18!
In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, as the warmest year in American history draws to a close, as the disastrous drought lingers on in the Midwest, everyone is looking for ways to make a real difference in the fight to slow climate change. We’d like to ask you to come once more to Washington, to resume the battle to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline, mid-afternoon on Nov. 18th.
Here’s what’s changed since last year: the Arctic has melted disastrously.

Here’s what hasn’t changed: Keystone XL is still a crazy idea, a giant straw into the second biggest pool of carbon. Even if it doesn’t spill, it would add 900,000 barrels of oil worth of carbon each day to the earth’s atmosphere, or as much as the new auto efficiency regulations would save.
Bill McKibben and May Boeve,
Michael Brune, Sierra Club...
James Hansen, climate scientist...
Michael Mann, Penn State University Earth System Science Center..
...Phil Radford, Greenpeace US

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