Tuesday, November 06, 2012

WORLD Mobile | Is Superstorm Sandy a harbinger of the ‘new normal’ because of global warming? | Nov. 6, 2012
Why the lower rates from Sandy than from Nargis? Wealth made property, and especially people, less vulnerable.
Climate Change: While Politicians Ignore It, Hollywood Fights on the Front Lines | The Wrap Movies
Whether documentary or fictionalized, Hollywood has continued to pump out films with climate change as a principal subject or backdrop.
China, less impact by CO2 may explain slowing in warming | Reuters
(Reuters) - Sun-dimming industrial pollution in China or signs that greenhouse gases trap less heat in the atmosphere than expected may help explain an apparent slowdown in global warming since 2000, experts say.
Twitter / JamesDelingpole: OMG. Major scandal breaking ...
OMG. Major scandal breaking courtesy of Guardian. Seems UKIP has been paying researchers to RESEARCH STUFF!!!

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