Tuesday, December 25, 2012

At least 123 people die due to cold weather in Russia
Moscow. At least 123 people have died because of the cold weather in Russia, and over 1700 people have been suffering injuries, RIA Novosti reported.
According to the health authorities 1745 people have been affected after the onset of the cold weather in Russia. 833 of these people have been hospitalized and 123 persons have died.
Only in the last day 345 people were admitted at hospitals and seven people died.
Twitter / RyanMaue: Except for Florida, 47 of ...
Except for Florida, 47 of Lower-48 will have snow on ground or see some snowfall during next 3-days.
Twitter / Skilling: NOAA reports Santa's to find ...
NOAA reports Santa's to find 45.8% of the Lower 48 snow covered Christmas Eve--up from last year's 29.2%. But-snow drought continues in Chi!
Windmills are Stripping America of Birds
The horrific reality is that, in the United States alone, “eco-friendly” wind turbines are killing an estimated 13,000,000 to 39,000,000 birds and bats every year!” – Paul Driessen

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