Monday, December 10, 2012

Blizzard rolls across southern Sweden
“Unless you absolutely have to go out, you should stay at home and if you really must go out then you should count on longer journeys than normal,” said Therese Fougman, a meteorologist at SMHI.
Heavy snowfall and freezing temps kill 5 in the Balkans
Four people died in Croatia and two in Serbia as a result of blizzards in south-western Europe, with rescue teams struggling to reach passengers stranded in buses and cars in Serbia on Sunday.
Errors in IPCC climate science » Blog Archive » Another wild exaggeration from IPCC 1990 – sea level rise touted to be 6cm per decade
the claimed rate from adjusted satellite data is only 3.1mm per year – HALF of IPCC 1990.
Living The Green Dream | Real Science
Homeless people get to experience the joys of a low carbon lifestyle. We build fossil fuel powered homeless shelters to keep them from freezing to death.

According to James Hansen, these homeless shelters are powered by coal death trains.

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