Thursday, December 13, 2012

Britain Gives Green Light For Shale Revolution
Britain has given the green light to gas “fracking”, just days after David Cameron said the controversial technique could help bring down household energy bills.
Twitter / mark_lynas: Anti-frackers take note: ...
Anti-frackers take note: 'renewable' geothermal (which Greenpeace approves of) also uses fracking tech:
Twitter / mark_lynas: If you want to leave shale ...
If you want to leave shale gas in the ground because of global warming, fine. Say that. But the anti-fracking arguments are largely bogus.
Twitter / mark_lynas: @jossgarman It's a question ...
@jossgarman It's a question of priorities. Coal is cheaper than gas. Fracking makes gas cheaper. No fracking = burn more coal. Maths!

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