Thursday, December 06, 2012

Britain Jumps on Gas Bandwagon | Via Meadia
The U.K. joins a growing consensus in favor of natural gas as leaders explore innovative solutions to the recession and dependence on Middle Eastern oil. The British government is set to approve up to 30 gas-fired power stations that will replace coal, nuclear, and older gas plants. Chancellor George Osborne expects this enthusiastic support for new energy will boost private investment in infrastructure and underpin long-term growth.
Forecasting Denial: Why Are TV Weathercasters Ignoring Climate Change? | Politics News | Rolling Stone
There's a shockingly high chance that your friendly TV weatherman is a full-blown climate denier.
Twitter / ToryAardvark
Cant wait for Figueres Comical Ali moment where #cop18 is declared a success and a way forward for resolution at #COP19 #pixiedustabuse
Geologist Dr. Don Easterbrook's new paper: (P. 4 of PDF): 'Groupthink & IPCC' 'Groupthink infuses a moral-like fervor to protect mankind from catastrophe. Silence is equivalent to consent & loyalty' | Climate Depot
'Loyalty is expected. Zeal replaces scientific caution. Dissent is penalized, sometimes harshly so. Scientists are no longer simply esteemed researchers. They have assumed the role of society's policemen, crusaders, and protectors. And the proven means of getting more expenditures for next year's budget is to prove that one's project is confirming the worst of all possible fears'

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