Saturday, December 01, 2012

Bummer: *After* carbon credit prices collapse from 17 Euros to 70 cents, we're told that "carbon credit market may collapse soon"

UN Climate Change Negotiations 2012: Carbon credit market may collapse soon - The Economic Times
DOHA: The reluctance of industrialised countries to accept binding emission targets will dry up demand for carbon credits and reduce their prices further, experts said at the climate talks in Doha, where 200 countries are trying to negotiate an agreement on climate issues.

Russia, Japan, New Zealand have made it clear that they will not accept a legally binding target in the existing climate treaty Kyoto Protocol's second phase.
Several countries have expressed concern about the drop in prices. With a real crises looming for the carbon markets, India has suggested setting up a stabilization fund, which would help shore up carbon prices. Current prices are at a record low of 70 cents per unit, down from the peak of e 17.

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