Friday, December 21, 2012

Carbon credits firm valued Brazil deals at $32bn
Celestial Green, the Dublin carbon credits business involved in deals with indigenous tribes in the Amazon, at one stage envisaged its rights there creating credits with a value of up to $32 billion (€24 billion), according to filings to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
California approves “climate dividend” for ratepayers - News - Point Carbon
SAN FRANCISCO, Dec 20 (Reuters Point Carbon) – The California Public Utilities Commission on Thursday approved a plan requiring the state’s largest utility companies to return 85 percent of the money they raise from the sale of carbon permits to ratepayers, a policy designed to shield the public from higher electricity bills as a result of the state’s new cap-and-trade system.
Edison Snafu Skews Demand in First California Carbon Sale - Bloomberg
California, the world’s ninth- largest economy, has Edison International (EIX) to thank for selling all of its carbon permits in the state’s first auction. The company unintentionally bid for twice as many allowances as were for sale.

Edison, owner of the state’s second-biggest power utility, submitted a proposal in the wrong format and offered to buy 21 times more allowances than it wanted on Nov. 14, documents obtained by Bloomberg show.
Poll: 56 percent back carbon tax to help slash deficit - The Hill's E2-Wire
reducing non-defense federal spending had a 66 percent approval rate

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