Saturday, December 22, 2012

Carbon dioxide hoax promoter Ken Caldeira: "If we are on the [business as usual] emissions trajectory, then the reefs are toast"

Coral Reefs Could Be Decimated by 2100 - ScienceNOW
Nearly every coral reef could be dying by 2100 if current carbon dioxide emission trends continue, according to a new review of major climate models from around the world.
"If we are on the [business as usual] emissions trajectory, then the reefs are toast," Caldeira says. In that case, all the reefs in the study were surrounded by water with Aragonite saturation below 3, dooming them. In that scenario, Caldeira says, "details about sensitivity of corals are just arguments about when they will die."
Flashback » Ocean Acidification: Photographs from Bob Halstead and a Note from Floor Anthoni
The shallows near Dobu Island off Papua and New Guinea have active underwater fumaroles pumping out virtually pure CO2. The sea grass is extraordinarily lush and healthy and there is very healthy coral reef a few metres away.


Ken Caldeira said...


You may want to look at the relevant facts.

Dr. Fabricus, who studies these reef systems near the CO2 seeps concludes:

"This study proves we must urgently transition to a low CO2 emissions future or we face the risk of profound losses of coral ecosystems."

Otter said...

Ken~ So..... corals doing quite nicely in the midst of CO2 seeps, are proof that they won't do nicely in the midst of CO2 seeps?

Did you forget your /sarc tag?

'Fabricus,' interesting name...