Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Climate change funds earmarked for Africa 'are going to corporations' - Telegraph
Climate change: British taxpayers’ money for climate aid is going to large businesses such as Walmart rather than going directly to help poor people, according to campaigners.
Twitter / interfaithpower: At @climateone @KHayhoe says ...
At @climateone @KHayhoe says climate scientists are docs taking temp of planet and need to tell truth re symptoms. #AGU12
Hype and Fear Do Not Justify Power Grabs - By Paul Driessen - Planet Gore - National Review Online
Today, people enjoying the sun on the beaches near Doha were amused as CFACT staff paraded several camels sporting signs that read “Stop Climate Hype.” Tomorrow the organization will host conference participants on board a native Doah boat, introducing them to information that is critical of IPCC science. CFACT strongly believes that any “complete transformation of the economic structure of the world” should be base on real science — not on hypotheses, assertions, hype, and computer models that thus far have failed every attempt to verify their claims with actual observations and data on temperature, weather, and climate.

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