Monday, December 31, 2012

Climate change would make Richard Parks' North Pole feat impossible, claims expert
Prof Jones points out that Prof Peter Wadhams (corr) of Cambridge University, who has been studying the Arctic sea ice for decades, is predicting that the Arctic Ocean will be effectively free of summer ice by 2016, “give or take three years”.

According to Prof Jones: “An obvious conclusion is that this year’s Arctic summer has terminally undermined the position of the [climate change] ‘denialists’ and alerts all sensible, pragmatic people to global warming and the need for much more urgent action to combat the threats posed.

“Certainly this was the case following the impact of Hurricane Sandy on the coast of the eastern United States in October. As New York-based Bloomberg Businessweek put it in banner headlines, ‘It’s global warming, stupid’.”
California’s climate-change experiment - The Washington Post
Perhaps the Golden State in the new year will prove once and for all that markets can and should be marshaled in the fight against global warming.
Hundreds Die in Cold Waves — Media Keep Flogging Global Warming
As we have reported previously, an important study by Anthony Watts published this past July is what many scientists are calling “a game changer.” Watts’ comprehensive study shows that the faulty, non-compliant station sites, not surprisingly, have doubled the temperature increase of the better-sited, compliant stations. This is hugely important, since the cumulative temperature increase recorded by the compliant thermometers falls within the range of natural variability, which is to say, there is no measurable warming.

Time for the alarmists to chill out, relax — and celebrate; there is no AGW "crisis," no "existential threat" from human activities to warrant all the anxiety.
Shorter winters may hurt ski towns
Whitefish Mountain Resort employs as many as 500 workers during the winter...In fact, business has been good recently, with 2008 and 2010 rated as two of the best snow years in a decade, and this season is shaping up nicely with sufficient early snow.

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