Tuesday, December 04, 2012

COP18 Russia Backs Off 25% Emissions Reduction Target « Tory Aardvark
There is a world of difference between contemplation and action, the Russians know that by “contemplating” an emissions cut the Greens will be happy because any support, no matter how dubious, for their dying scam is better than none at all.
It is difficult to know which is more ludicrous, thinking man can control the weather or staging an annual UN Climate Circus meeting that always fails.
Lord Stern: developing countries must make deeper emissions cuts | Environment | The Guardian
Developing countries must take on the lion's share of cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, because of the "brutal arithmetic" of climate change, one of the world's leading authorities on global warming economics has said.

Lord Nicholas Stern, former World Bank chief economist and author of the landmark Stern review of the economics of climate change, told the Guardian that poorer countries including China and India must step up to their responsibilities. "It's a brutal arithmetic – the changing structure of the world's economy has been dramatic. That is something developing countries will have to face up to," he said.
Senate Dems push climate change amendment - The Hill's E2-Wire
Senate Democrats are attempting to force a vote on climate change through an amendment to the defense authorization bill.
But its submission shows that Democrats might be looking for chances to put Republicans on the record on climate change, especially in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.
New science upsets calculations on sea level rise, climate change • The Register
Put another way, in that scenario we would be looking at 5cm of sea level rise from Greenland by the year 2130: a paltry amount. Authoritative recent research drawing together all possible causes of sea level rise bears this out, suggesting maximum possible rise in the worst case by 2100 will be 30cm. More probably it will be less, and there will hardly be any difference between the 20th and 21st centuries in sea level terms.

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