Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Details here: Chris Horner on withheld emails

- Bishop Hill blog - The roadmap
[Chris Horner] A few weeks back we received from the University of Arizona two indexes of emails, in response to a request for records citing Michael Mann, Phil Jones, Ammann and Wahl, GRL, Famiglietti, and Saiers. The indexes were produced by two gents whom the University asked -- in a move more than slightly burdened by conflicts -- to turn over what they thought ought to be turned over, and withhold what they thought the public shouldn't see. Being more expert on the Open Records Act than the school’s OPRA officials, apparently.

That latter category amounts to around 1,700 emails, laid out as an accessible if incomplete roadmap of what was going on, when, helping fill in blanks: date, author, general description, and a generally ill-fitting, often risible basis for withholding. These details can be seen here and here.

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