Friday, December 14, 2012

Deutsche Bank co-CEO drawn into C02 tax evasion probe
Around 500 police and tax inspectors raided Deutsche Bank, arresting five staff in a probe linked to a tax scam involving the trading of carbon permits.

Tax inspectors clutching backpacks and suitcases were seen leaving the bank's twin-tower headquarters in Frankfurt. About 20 police mini buses and two coaches were parked outside.
Eight policemen wearing dark blue overalls and armed with handguns were stationed in the bank's lobby and appeared to be coordinating a high-profile search of the glass towers which can house up to 3,000 staff.
Twitter / afneil: Natural gas $11 per million ...
Natural gas $11 per million BTUs in UK, $3.50 in US. That's why Government going for shale.
A Contrarian Spin on the Next Big Climate Report -
[Warmist Justin Gillis] The backdrop is that, in their quest to prove that anything other than human-generated greenhouse emissions are the cause of global warming, climate contrarians have seized [It's rule:  Bad people like skeptics always "seize" on things;  good people like believers always "tackle" things] on a theory promulgated by a Danish scientist named Henrik Svensmark...For those who can’t get enough of this flap, go to the invaluable Skeptical Science Web site, where Dana Nuccitelli has further deconstructed Mr. Rawls’s argument.

Here’s the real kicker, as Mr. Nuccitelli points out: if the supposed cosmic ray mechanism were valid, and as strong as the climate contrarians want to believe, the earth should be cooling rather sharply right now. But it is doing nothing of the sort.  [So what is it doing right now, Justin?]

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