Thursday, December 13, 2012

Deutsche-Bank Raided: Many Computers Taken: The Carbon Cred Scam Unravels
Well! Soon after HSBC are rapped for their illegal dealings, Deutsche-Bank are in troubl over Carbon Credits. Has their past evangelising on climate change caught up with them? Noble cause corruption on a massive scale is being uncovered it seems.
Understanding Winter Cold | Real Science
The Arctic is rapidly melting, and global warming causes warm air (from the rapidly melting Arctic) to plunge south – and make lower latitudes freeze in record cold.
James Hansen : Mathematical Mental Midget | Real Science
More than half of the years during the 1950s were drought years. Hansen just makes numbers up as he goes along.
Guardian Writers IQ Meltdown | Real Science
Iceberg calving has nothing to do with melt, climate change or anything else these morons imagine. Glaciers flow to the sea and calve icebergs. That is what they do.

What does The Guardian think happens to the two trillion cubic metres of snow which falls on Greenland every year?
Skeptic's Corner: Aboriginal climate change
If their could be rapid change in climate 5,500 years ago in aboriginal Australia doesn't that sort of put a damper on the whole unprecedented not to mention man made claims of todays far less dramatic events?

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