Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Ehrlich 1970 : No Reason For Blacks To Worry About Saving The Planet | Real Science

NASA : Climate Equals CO2 | Real Science
NASA says that increased CO2 is proof of climate change.

The logic goes as follows :

We believe that CO2 causes climate change.
We know that CO2 is increasing.
Therefore CO2 causes climate change, proving our assertion.
The evidence for climate change is that CO2 is increasing. CO2 causes climate change, as we just proved.
If you have the IQ of a turnip, you can get a job at NASA.
Hansen 1986 : Two Degrees Warming By 2006 – Hottest In 100,000 Years! | Real Science
Hansen tells us now that things are worse than he feared.
2000 Shock News : North Pole Ice-Free For The First Time In 50 Million Years | Real Science
The year 2000 was very eventful. The world collapsed due to the Y2K bug, snow became a thing of the past, and the North Pole melted for the first time in 50 million years.
Raising Arizona | Real Science
...NCDC tells us that Arizona has warmed three degrees since 1950. They accomplished this by adjusting the data upwards and by adding new stations.

The blink comparator above switches between NCDC Arizona temperatures and GHCN HCN Arizona temperatures for all stations which have been active since at least 1920. Note that they cooled 1958 by more than three degrees, and added more than one degree on to 2008.

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