Friday, December 07, 2012

Even seeming green now costs too much | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
Governments can no longer afford to spend money just to seem green - not when people are bored with that whole end-of-the-world thing:
NINE green energy schemes have been axed to help stave off any more double digit price rises, [NSW] Premier Barry O’Farrell will promise today as he enters negotiations at COAG over power bills…
Heavy Snowfall Warning Issued in Korea
The snow began accumulating with such speed in Seoul on Wednesday morning that it forced the Korea Meteorological Administration to issue a heavy snow advisory for the region.

Two thousand traffic police officers have been mobilized around the city to keep traffic moving during the evening rush hour.
Heavy snowfall, cold, sweep across Turkey
43 village cut off – Roads blocked by snow.
AGU highlights | Climate Etc.
I am 200% opposed to this new level of activism by the AGU, but I seem to be in the minority among AGU members.
...Its a good thing the climate scientists aren’t in charge of policy.
Huge snowstorm hits Alps
resorts that have opened are forced to close

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But would be a good thing if they were charged by the police.