Wednesday, December 05, 2012

'Exxon Hates Your Children,' Ad Targeting Fossil Fuel Industry Claims
"Exxon Hates Your Children," a new ad targeting the fossil fuel industry declares.

Two advocacy groups, Oil Change International and The Other 98%, launched on Wednesday, encouraging Congress to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies amid fiscal cliff negotiations.

Their website promotes a TV ad of a fake Exxon representative declaring, "We all know the climate crisis will rip [your children's] world apart, but we don't care, because it'll make us rich."
Twitter / Barrowice: Greenland is Gaining Ice Mass ...
Greenland is Gaining Ice Mass via
UK Tmax versus Sunshine are well correlated. Cleaner Air. More Sunshine. « sunshine hours

CNN Still Gives Equal Time To Anti-Science Disinformation | ThinkProgress
[Romm] Bottom Line: The media really needs to stop the false balance, but if they insist on airing the falsehoods of the pro-pollution disinformers, at least we can hope they continue to use their most ineffective ones [Morano].
Flashback: Morano debates former Clinton Official Romm | Climate Depot
Excerpt: Morano couldn't help laughing at Romm's unrelentingly silly exaggerations. Indeed, after coming out hurling pejoratives and 41 words of utter nonsense early in the opening round, you'd expect Romm to drop the hyperbole and smug manner and put up his intellectual dukes once Morano began scoring point after rational point. But while Marc calmly cited contrarian scientists and the perils of fraudulently inspired policy, Joe continued to make extraordinary claims, including that wind power produces more new jobs than coal mining, as though oblivious that they fuel 2 versus 50 percent of America's energy, respectively. And so it went -- virtually every cogent point made by Morano was met not with reasoned retort but rather polemical blather and name calling. And from Dr. Joseph J. Romm -- one the alarmists' most revered minds. Watching them squabble, it's impossible to ignore just how many times Romm put his hysterical size 10 in his mouth as Morano calmly cleaned his clock. But let's give the guy kudos for showing up – for that alone distinguishes him as unique to his breed.

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