Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Former U.S. Navy Meteorologists Blasts Super Storms Hype
A staunch liberal and former navy weather expert writes to the New York Times and his local newspaper, the Summit Daily News to correct absurd media claims connecting ‘Superstorm Sandy’ to man-made global warming.
Which Facts Does Piers Not Understand? « NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT
Let’s finish by looking what Bill Nye contributed to the discussion. He appeared to be extremely badly prepared, with little understanding of the subject. But his main points were...
CFACT’s Marc Morano Visits Connecticut : CFACT Campus
Collegian Michael McGuigan was especially pleased with Marc’s talk, “his remarks about Global Warming were very well put together, and really hit the nail on the head: global warming is an agenda not a science.”
[Another lone volunteer guerilla fighter]:  Is there global cooling? The answer might not be what you expected. -
This website has no sponsors or financial supporters, it is entirely the creating of myself. While I question that the source of the earth's warming is from man, I am for reducing our reliance on foreign sources of energy, the development of renewable energy (the ones that make sense), and for better fuel economy from the vehicles we drive. I care deeply about our planet but also our country. The one thing I do not believe, from my research, is that the reduction of CO2 emissions will have much impact on earth's climate. Spending vast sums on the control of CO2 could damage our economy, and perhaps even reduce our freedom, and with little impact on temperature. This would be a tragic mistake, with many unintended (or perhaps intended by some) negative consequences.
March 2012: The Climate Wars. « Pointman's
The problem the alarmists had, was that there was never anything substantial to hit back at. They had the equivalents of the big guns and the massive air support but there never was a skeptic HQ to be pounded, no big central organisation, no massed ranks of skeptic soldiers or even any third-party backing the resistance. Every one of the skeptics was a lone volunteer guerilla fighter, who needed absolutely no logistical support of any kind to continue the fight indefinitely. The alarmists never understood this, preferring to think that there simply had to be some massive hidden organisation orchestrating the resistance. While they wasted time and effort attacking targets that only existed in their head, each of the guerillas chewed on them mercilessly in their own particular way.

The closest thing they had to a target were the skeptic blogs but these were invulnerable, because they weren’t owned or funded by anyone and were run by unpaid volunteers.

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