Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fourteen Consecutive Months Of Above Normal Antarctic Sea Ice
Antarctic sea ice area has been above normal every day for the past 14 months.
Science Skeptical On AR5: “Temperature Stagnation Officially Confirmed By IPCC…Models/Projections Shaken”!
Heller points out that the current version of the AR 5 has one fundamental admission: temperature has stagnated while CO2 has climbed. THE MODELS ARE IN TROUBLE!
Alec Rawls responds to Steven Sherwood: “The professor is inverting the scientific method” « JoNova: Science, carbon, climate and tax
Alec Rawls pulls him up. Sherwood calls us deniers, but the IPCC still denies solar-magnetic effects that have been known for 200 years. This anti-science response is no surprise from Sherwood, who once changed the colour of “zero” to red to make it match the color the models were supposed to find. (Since when was red the color of no-warming? Sure you can do it, but it is deceptive.) That effort still remains one of the most egregious peer reviewed distortions of science I have ever seen. — Jo
Disapproval of carbon levy rising: leaked poll | The Australian
THE carbon tax is becoming increasingly unpopular with voters and the number of people who strongly disapprove of the policy continues to rise, leaked polling shows.

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