Friday, December 07, 2012

Fox Paints Birther's Climate Change Antics As Serious "Dissent"
The following morning, Fox & Friends seized on the episode to paint "Lord Monckton" as a martyr of climate "dissent" and bemoan a lack of "debate" on the issue. Co-host Brian Kilmeade claimed somewhat dubiously that "Everyone took notes and they learned from that, and global warming is indeed now wrong." Gretchen Carlson declared that the conference "was supposed to be a debate apparently at this convention, but a debate usually involves two different points of view. I guess this time they're just going to have one point of view." Steve Doocy conceded that Monckton had spoken out of turn in Doha, but concluded of his dismissal, "There goes for dissent."
Twitter / billmckibben: So many thanks to all the ...
So many thanks to all the hardworking NGOs and youth who have put up with the nonsense in Doha this week. Wish you were in charge!
Harvard refuses climate change advocates' call to divest its oil and gas stocks
Despite pressure from climate change activists, Harvard University officials said Friday that it is unlikely the university will divest its holdings in fossil fuel stocks.
Mt Baker Washington - 80 inches of snow in 4 days!
That’s 6½ feet! Two meters!

According to the Mt Baker website, they’ve received 164 inches of snow so far this season.
A Brief History of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Record-Breaking | Watts Up With That?
Atmospheric CO2 concentration records were being broken long before anthropogenic emissions became significant.
Atmospheric CO2 levels were rising much faster than anthropogenic emissions from 1750-1875.
Anthropogenic emissions did not “catch up” to atmospheric CO2 until 1960.
The natural carbon flux is much more variable than the so-called scientific consensus thinks it is.
The equilibrium climate sensitivity (ECS) cannot be more than 2°C and is probably closer to 1°C.
The worst-case scenario based on the evidence is comparable to the IPCC’s most greentopian, best-case scenario.
Ice cores with accumulation rates less than 1m/yr are not useful for ECS estimations.

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