Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Funniest Koch Brothers Paranoia Ever | Power Line
...As one of the climate alarmists who have received billions in government funding, Mann apparently assumes the realists must be getting money from some deep pocket, too. Hence the #KochMachine.

The Koch brothers are accused of being behind some nefarious conspiracy or other on pretty much a daily basis, but this is perhaps the funniest such instance yet, raising once again the perennial question: are liberals born without a sense of humor, or do they have it surgically removed as a sort of rite of passage?
Bethlehem and the rat-hole problem | Watts Up With That?
[Monckton] How are we to dig a rat-hole wide enough to allow the useful idiots and true-believers to escape as each passing year makes it more and more obvious that their fatuous credo has all the plausibility of the now somewhat discredited notion that the world was to be snuffed out at this year’s winter solstice?

Every student of the arts of diplomacy in the civil-service and staff colleges of the U.K. hears much about the rat-hole problem. How does one let the other side off some hook on which they have imprudently impaled themselves, while minimizing their loss of face?
Renewable Energy: Still Breaking Wind | Power Line
No idea, but I have noticed for long time now that when I drive through California’s Tehachapi Pass on Hwy 58 (as I did again just the other day), you can see a lot of old, 1970s-era windmills still sitting at top ridges, but not operating any more. Apparently a lot of them were put up by wind power ventures, enticed by federal tax credits and subsidies that started back under Jimmy Carter, and California tax credits and subsidies started under Governor-for-Life Jerry Brown, and now there’s no one to take responsibility for taking them down. According to one estimate, there are 14,000 abandoned windmills in the U.S., though this number is disputed, though even wind defenders acknowledge there are “derelict” wind mills in California.

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