Saturday, December 29, 2012

Global-Warming Fears Cooling Down Amidst New Data
So this global-warming/climate-change disaster is shaping up to be wildly exaggerated.

Never fear, though, for there will be other phony Armageddons to fear in the near future once this weather panic subsides; then we can all be nice and scared again. I wonder what will be the next fashionable catastrophe to be propagated by the politicians and their lapdog media.
A previous climate change drove Mesa people from North Slope | Alaska Dispatch
Alaska was once the setting for an environmental shift so dramatic it forced people to evacuate the entire North Slope, according to Michael Kunz, an archaeologist with the Bureau of Land Management.
Kunz pointed out that car exhaust did not trigger the warming that may have chased the Mesa people from the North Slope. He said climate change has occurred many times before and is inevitable today. He suggests that the human species as a whole should think of how it will work around problems, such as rising sea level and the changes in agricultural zones caused by different weather patterns.

“The system has always been dynamic,” he said. “We’re not going to stop climate change. Just like the Mesa Paleoindians — if you can’t adapt or adjust, you’re going to disappear.”
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Basic physics shows how the IPCC exaggerates alleged warming from CO2 by 10 times
Let me here leak the following update of my previous 10 times smaller estimate of climate sensitivity coming down to 0.3 C

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