Monday, December 10, 2012

Govt says Climate Fund claims are 'rubbish', Oppn says it's a PC cause
SABRA LANE: But, the Opposition sounds as though it won't honour Australia's commitment to the fund. The Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, has described the fund as politically correct.

TONY ABBOTT: And one of the reasons why it will never deliver an honest surplus is because it is addicted to spending on politically correct causes and we saw yet another example of that on the weekend.

SABRA LANE: The Opposition's climate action spokesman, Greg Hunt.

GREG HUNT: There's absolutely no doubt that the rest of the world thinks Australia has come away from Doha with a $3 billion commitment as part of a $100,000 billion fund. This Government is saying one thing in Doha and another thing back in Australia.
Latest collapse of global warming talks could be a success | Alaska Dispatch
Individual, voluntary decisions in energy use can make a cumulative difference on climate change far greater than government mandates. They rely on people making moral choices, ones that see a greater good in not emitting gases that can harm others.  [So when is the globetrotting Revkin going to start modeling these "moral choices" for us?]
Twitter / KHayhoe: Yes that is the point! ...
Yes that is the point! @MartinHodson1: actually if anything the predictions made by the IPCC et al look to be mostly underestimates
Twitter / Cartoonsbyjosh: @KHayhoe so 16 yrs of no warming ...
@KHayhoe so 16 yrs of no warming is an over estimate? Gosh! @martinhodson1

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