Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hilarious! NPR and psychologist rely on a withdrawn paper to prove that climate skeptics are bad eggs!

Earlier this year, Greenie psychologist Stephan Lewandowsky had a paper accepted by Psychological Science which claimed to prove that climate skeptics were bad eggs indeed. It was listed as "In press" as of July 27th. and was much publicized at the time.

Its research methods were so ludicrous however that protests to the journal caused it to be withdrawn -- perhaps for rewriting. I have however just done a search on the journal site and it is not mentioned at all. Only a 2011 paper by the nutty professor is listed. The 2012 paper has not been published nor is it any longer listed as "In press". It is rejected research -- rejected by the fellow psychologists who run the journal. It FAILED peer review.

But in the article excerpted below you get no hint of that. Lewandowsky speaks as if his paper were scientifically acceptable and accepted. If you read carefully, it appears that he did revise his paper but could get even the revised version published on a blog only, one called ShapingTomorrowsWorld.com -- He He!

The article below is however carefully written to skate around all that. It is a DELIBERATE fraud -- JR

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intrepid_wanders said...

Actually, what is more Hilarious is Stephan Lewandowsky appears to have quietly threw that whole paper in the trash and wrote Misinformation: Psychological Science Shows Why It Sticks and How to Fix It on September 19.


Pretty much the same non-sense with no real study.

"Psychological Science in the Public Interest" appears to be a non-peer reviewed journal like PNAS.