Monday, December 24, 2012

How dumb is warmist Friedman? | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
Is there anything more stupid than a man contradicting an argument he doesn’t even trouble himself to understand?

Well, yes. It’s a New York Times columnist who then claims Hurricane Sandy - actually just a storm at landfall - is proof of catastrophic man-made warming. That is a position not one in 10 warmist scientists would endorse, yet Friedman advances it as his ultimate proof of the idiocy of everyone else.

My God, is this man stupid
Global Warming Is Like A Chameleon | Real Science
During the winters of 2010 and 2011, global warming caused heavy snow in the eastern US.During the winter of 2012, global warming brought little snow to the eastern US, and the winter of 2013 looks like global warming may bring heavy snow to the eastern US.

Global warming theory conveniently adjusts itself to whatever the current weather is.
Time Magazine Says That Antarctica Is Getting Hot | Real Science
Sea ice extent around Antarctica hit a record high this year, and has been above normal every day in 2012. Antarctica is not warming or melting, and only a spectacular lying scumbag would attempt to make the case that it was.
Warning Signs: American and Worldwide Blizzards
As Dr. E. Kirsten Peters says in her new book, “The Whole Story of Climate: What Science Reveals About the Nature of Constant Change”, “Thus, if the Earth continues to behave as she has for the past two million years, we must expect a return to bitter cold at some point, with ice sheets that reach as far south as Nebraska once again. And, as scientists have recently learned, the change to that bitterly cold climate regime is likely to be fast, happening over a generation or two.”

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